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  • “Mana”
    Every night She visits my quarters. Some might call it a prison, I certainly cannot leave, but I could not bring myself to want to either. She keeps me for “Mana”
  • “Crimson and Black”
    It wasn’t too long a trip from the bar to her place. In a way, I’m glad she was there – I’m pretty drunk, and better her than some creepy “Crimson and Black”
  • “Rend”
    It makes sense that a venom-filled fang would be sharp to rend skin, but what if it didn’t even have to be? What if it was soft and rounded, but “Rend”
  • “Seal”
    A seal that becomes corrupted by what it contains, becoming more and more dangerous to people around it. First merely trying to entice them, eventually warping reality around itself. Inevitably, “Seal”
  • “Prison”
    In the deepest depths of the prison tower, the demon wails and thrashes at her bindings but nothing does it. Despite all her might the chains never let go. Despite “Prison”
  • “Unison”
    Her clawed hand gently strokes my hair, my cheek. It’s so hard to focus on anything else. Even as a shadow creature She conjured binds me, coils around me, I “Unison”
  • “A Contract”
    You settle into your seat in front of me as I finish jotting down details on a sheet of parchment. “You know, for a demon’s office, I didn’t expect it “A Contract”
  • “Passion”
    Some would mistake her passion for hatred. There is no hatred in her eyes, not as I see them. They say to avoid them, I embraced them. I found yellow-red, “Passion”
  • “Superior”
    When the gloating, overconfident villainess loses her composure, her words, becoming an incoherent mess at the approach of her superior… Showing that even a being of such haughtyness and pride “Superior”
  • “Suspended”
    I am suspended, still, in the center of the circular chamber. Gentle moonlight filters in, another soft, sweet night. Until you arrive… I knew you’d be coming. The light down “Suspended”
  • “Feeding”
    A gentle crack of the door. I step in. You’re already sitting up, in a usual mix of fear and joy. A warming expression to enter to. “Ah…” Your lips “Feeding”
  • “Safe”
    “I know you beg Me, sweetest thing. But is this what your soul desires..? You must show Me. Open it to Me. I want to see that gentle little light… “Safe”
  • “Façade”
    My Sharpness, distance, power is a façade. Sharp claws, dark robes, the throne on which I sit, the flaring in my eyes. Not to say it is untrue, it is “Façade”
  • “Who Is She?”
    “Who is She?” Oh, silly darling. That’s a question neither of us are in any place or capacity to tackle. Let’s start with something smaller. “What is She?” Focus, darling. “Who Is She?”
  • “Dripping”
    Claws dripping in beautiful venom. Trying to suckle them dry, but there’s always more… Beautiful eyes keeping you so focused on them. Colour, power, pulsing. They all fill your mind “Dripping”
  • “Warm Water”
    Pressed together in the bath. She’s not warm, but the water is. Floral scents fill my mind, as well as her beautiful presence. Her hand caresses my soaked hair as “Warm Water”
  • “Bastion”
    A servant of a fallen demon turned witch, creating a shrine to her former Mistress, a little bastion of Her corruption. The dolls there are always nice and sweet, but “Bastion”
  • “Contrast”
    I wrapped up in my pile of blankets, in bed. It’s all that made sense anymore. We had been fighting for her soul for months – the princess’. Posing as “Contrast”
  • “The Puppeteers”
    No wonder the spiders make such wonderful puppeteers. They have so many eyes to watch you with. So many limbs to pull your strings. They made your strings out of “The Puppeteers”
  • “(cw: Hive)”
    She seems so much calmer today. We’ve been idly chatting about her last few days, just how much self-discovery she’s been doing. “I knew you wanted to dive into spirituality “(cw: Hive)”
  • “Chosen”
    It’s always a beautiful day when you are the Chosen One. When your Sisters decide that it is you who will host their Dark Lady today. When Her essence fills “Chosen”
  • “We Were Her”
    I’ve finally stopped crawling. She picks me up gently, holds me close. Runs a hand through my hair. How did I never see things this way? Appeasing, peaceful. Finally a “We Were Her”
  • “Ichor”
    She reaches, she wants so badly. Her tongue lolls out, twisting, dark, slick. It’s not her tongue, it’s the ichor running through her veins. Even being so far gone, she “Ichor”
  • “Fading Light”
    We knew the attack on our citadel was well under way. Mistress demanded I regroup and bring Her most elite soldiers to Her throne room. It’d be our stand against “Fading Light”
  • “Melt Me”
    break me. shatter me. erase me. coat me with You. fill me with You. until there is no me left to erase. until there is just You. Your desires. Your “Melt Me”
  • “In Her Web”
    Dangling aside against Mistress’ web, my neck ravaged with bites, just tangled in silk enough to stay stuck in place. My mouth is agape, I’ve long lost the strength or “In Her Web”
  • “Smoke”
    She blows a plume of smoke right at my face, holding me in place. It tickles the nose, makes the eyes itch, fills the lungs in moments. I cough a “Smoke”
  • “Collect”
    Gripping my cheek with her claw, her gaze too much for me to bear, my eyes float and my mouth is softly agape, cooing, I am completely soft and limp. “Collect”
  • “Sunken”
    Its eye opens in a dream. It’s red-orange, slitted, gigantic. It feels cold and damp around – I feel it might be dead, but still gazes at me. Its tendrils “Sunken”
  • “Broken Angels”
    The Light pouring slowly down my throat like lava. It burns, it burns so much – not like Hellfire, but like it’s boiling me, my self, my soul, melting away “Broken Angels”
  • “Reality”
    The embrace of the demonic gripping, ripping reality apart to grasp and pull you to its depths. The feeling as the world is torn asunder around you and you are “Reality”
  • “PSA”
    The only thing I ask of you is that you discover yourself, and not let another do it for you. The saccharine sweetness of dogma is only a long-acting poison “PSA”
  • “Alive”
    Is there something sweeter than your own shadow coming to life, crawling onto you, melding into your very essence? Knowing that the thing corrupting you is part of you, has “Alive”
  • “Voice”
    Yes, I should be fighting Her. Something somewhere deep inside tells me I should be resisting. But the truth is, I long since stopped listening to that voice. It knows “Voice”
  • “In My Head”
    What does it feel to become one with such power, such primal darkness, the demonic tainting every piece of your being..? I wouldn’t know. “Nnh… No… G- get out… Of “In My Head”
  • “if you want 😇”
    i’m not a doll but i think i would make a good witch’s familiar very soft and holdable, very good and tame, powerful demonic magic maybe. a blazing heart and “if you want 😇”
  • “Nightmare”
    “I’m not a monster. I’m the nightmare terrified monsters wake up from.” (November 27th, 2021)
  • “Space”
    She seemed infinite in Her warmth, Her love. I am floating atop Her ocean, not lost at sea, but safe comforted by every drop that She is. If I were “Space”
  • “That Girl”
    She seemed so cute and sweet, pretty and demure. That’s as I gravitated towards her, anyway. I felt kind of bad for her, with awkward guys trying to get to “That Girl”
  • “Reversal”
    My lips settle against, my tongue curls around a horn of the being who so often lords over me. She whines and writhes, twisting under the touch, seeking anything for “Reversal”
  • “Relax”
    “Shh… Here, little fiendling. Rest against me. You love the warmth, don’t you..? And the softness… That’s where your lips go first, always so adorable. Indulge, my little monsterling. You “Relax”
  • “Laboratory Log 89225”
    Preliminary tests a month ago showed us we finally had a material that could withstand extended contact with the subjects’ black tar-like substance, a combination of heavy metals laid over “Laboratory Log 89225”
  • “Lost in Time and Space”
    A tangled web of indescribable sensations. Floating somewhere within Her endlessness, Her fathom depths, lost in all that She is. The only pervasive feeling is that I am Hers, that “Lost in Time and Space”
  • “Alone (Cruel)”
    I kneel, I kneel deeply in utter adoration and worship. I hear Her footsteps approaching, heading to every one of my “colleagues” I brought here. To Her. For Her. They “Alone (Cruel)”
  • “Halo Play”
    A clawed finger traces around my halo, around and around… It’s all I can focus on. It’s strangely uncomfortable, it sends shivers all through me. The rest of me feels “Halo Play”
  • “Not a Prey”
    This prey was more eager than most. Yes, the eyes of a vampire are something powerful, but there was something odd about her when she saw me – she wouldn’t “Not a Prey”
  • “New Body”
    Our new body writhes as the others fill her, cover her with our shiny, slippery darkness. Hearing her moans, her whimpers, feeling her grasp… But this body just holds on “New Body”
  • “Freedom”
    She took my freedom away. She holds and caresses my cheek with a claw. She took my sight away. Beneath my blindfold my eyes are fluttering. She took my words “Freedom”
  • “Monsterling”
    I find myself on my knees again. I’ve been here so many times… But it never felt this intimate, this close, this real. I thought I knew love from my “Monsterling”
  • “Endless Web”
    I don’t know what it’ll do with me. I didn’t really care to know. But now I am in its light silken bindings, and its fangs are sunk between my “Endless Web”
  • “Come Close”
    “Don’t worry. I’ll keep your soul safe and warm. I’ll always have my eye on it. You’ll see, it’s so good when it sears and roasts and smoulders. So just “Come Close”
  • “Servant”
    It’s so comfy against her. She’s just a servant girl, but it’s so nice to feel her warmth. My head set against her chest, I can hear her heart beat. “Servant”
  • “Containment”
    The door creaks open, my flashlight finally spraying light onto the corridor beyond. It shouldn’t have been this hard to open after the captain’s crew headed in, something must be “Containment”
  • “Tainted Blood”
    Held firmly against her fluffy, beautiful body. If I still had my strength, I’d make her mine, but her foul light has made me so weak… Her finger traces against “Tainted Blood”
  • “Through the Glass”
    “Shh… Don’t you dare worry, little thing.” She holds, caresses my cheek. “Just lean in closer. Come here so I can kiss you.” I do. She’s so sweet with me, “Through the Glass”
  • “The Blade”
    I feel warmth. I feel tender skin against my lips. I suckle gently, letting myself get lost in the feeling. I am dreaming. There is talking, I overhear more than “The Blade”
  • “A Dream”
    Broken, in something like a prison cell. Hungry, hopeless. Darkness surrounding, darkness within. From the hallway, a light appears, slowly gains in power. Footsteps. Until before me, there is a “A Dream”
  • “Blood Pact”
    I slowly come to my senses, pressing myself off a cold wood floor. I sense something near me, a beautiful, blossoming soul, I so *need* it. Being summoned so causes “Blood Pact”
  • “Fiendling”
    I see myself more and more as that gleeful demon underling. Sometimes cruel, other times soft and gentle. Always fragile inside, but with a smile whenever She is near, whenever “Fiendling”
  • “Purple”
    I open my eyes. It is dark, all around me. I forget where I am or how I came here. I slowly realize something is holding me – something like “Purple”
  • “Kintsugi”
    Souls are so delicate, so fine, so fragile. Like brittle glass or gentle porcelain. Though unlike those, they are alive, and will sew themselves back together if given enough time “Kintsugi”
  • “Halo”
    I am held tightly as She dangles something in front of my eyes. Like a circlet, but it doesn’t look made of metal. It is sputtering out light, trying to “Halo”
  • “Shadow Play”
    Prim and proper. I sit beside my father the king in his throne, a tall black curtain behind us with our family crest. Most of the politics discussed are not “Shadow Play”
  • “Hive”
    Pulling away from a long, sweet kiss, a strand of shiny darkness pulling between our lips. The darkness drips onto my chin as my mouth remains agape, entranced as I “Hive”
  • “Melt Away”
    “Shh… Dearest little thing. Let it all melt away.” I float, Her words filtering through my ear, filling my empty mind. My mouth is gently agape, my eyes are lost “Melt Away”
  • “Prized Possession”
    Demon Lady softly doting on her latest pet, a freshly fallen angel who found refuge with Her after she lost her purpose, her light, her everything. The softest, sweetest little “Prized Possession”
  • “Glyphs”
    Text written in demonic glyphs, only meant to be seen and read by the kin. They bend the mind, they draw out the deepest instincts, they speak to the darkest “Glyphs”
  • “The Betrayer (Part 3)”
    Part 2. The sidekick had been dragged into one of the Lady’s prison cells, really a repurposed guest room that could lock from outside. The unnerving thing about this one “The Betrayer (Part 3)”
  • “True Name”
    “True Name” not as the name one uses or even hides from others, but something deeper. The word that describes your whole self in an ancient, primordial language only demons, “True Name”
  • “Locked In Reflection”
    Stare into the cursed mirror. Into your own reflection’s eyes. They look so much deeper than yours, inexplicably. They grip every ounce of your attention. You drift closer, place a “Locked In Reflection”
  • “Timbre”
    Clinging to Her leg by Her throne. She speaks to Her subjects. Perhaps the words are sweet and caring, perhaps they are vile and monstrous. None the matter, these are “Timbre”
  • “Soulless”
    I’m not sure what a soul is, what it does, how vital it is, or even to tell what state it’s in. I just know I want a succubus to “Soulless”
  • “All That I Am”
    Tendrils of corrupted soulstuff slithering, writhing against my skin, searing through the skin, bone and right down to my soul everywhere it touches, a sweet burn, sublime pain. Being filled “All That I Am”
  • “Mine”
    Sitting on Mistress’ lap, her sweetly doting on me, being held, caressed, whispered to the ear, gently kissed and bit on the neck, melting, melting, melting… “Mine.” I shiver, crawl “Mine”
  • “The Artisan”
    A gift – the most beautiful mirror, crafted so masterfully. It shone in its dark steel and light brass hues, lined with red and purple gems. The surface was peerless, “The Artisan”
  • “Her”
    My soul shackled, defiled, devoured, I now serve Her for all eternity. Only sin and lust remains, for Her, Her possessions, present and future. I lost myself to become part “Her”
  • “Deep”
    Setting my lips on the breast of my Fallen Goddess, my Queen of the Abyss, She Who Rules Over Demonkind. So deeply Hers. Singing Her praises, worshiping Her the best “Deep”
  • “The Betrayer (Part 2)”
    Part 1. It had been something like days since their fated, failed assault. That the Leader and her sidekick were captured – recaptured, in the former’s case. Enraptured. She had “The Betrayer (Part 2)”
  • “Harmony”
    The hall is filled with the deep, powerful sound of a grand pipe organ, every frame and every table and chair trembling at its sound. Then, a gentle note came “Harmony”
  • “Drip-fed”
    Leaning down, nibbling and giving a little bite on her Mistress’ breast, helplessly suckling for a few drops of blood, drowning in warmth and comfort and her Mistress. She could “Drip-fed”
  • “The Betrayer (Part 1)”
    Crash. A bolt of light strikes the heavy wooden door down, the two heroines clad in white jumping into the room confidently. Their quarry isn’t on the defensive like they “The Betrayer (Part 1)”
  • “A Sacrifice”
    As the ceremony wrapped up, as usual, a sacrifice was demanded. Not the barbaric practices of men, no, no. A sublime sacrifice that would please Her deeply. One of the “A Sacrifice”
  • “Apotheosis”
    Everyone was surprised when the newcomer suggested they’d use her to summon their demon masters into rather than summoning them whole. But it made sense. It’d be much easier not “Apotheosis”
  • “Eager”
    Softly suckling the succubus’ breast as she rends, devours my soul. “My my, this prey is eager~” she says, between joyous moans. I pull back just enough to say, eyes “Eager”
  • “Mending”
    Tired. So tired… But Her lap comforts. Her touch is loving. Her words are alluring, Her eyes entrancing. I could get lost in them. Lost in Her comforts. Rest against “Mending”
  • “Deprivation”
    Bound by ropes of coerced soulstuff, searing and tearing at your soul and self if you so much as resist. Staring into a beautiful, pretty crystal, beckoning, the voices of “Deprivation”
  • “The Court”
    Ten, twenty, thirty succubi scattered around the Queen’s bedchambers. Some resting on the bed, some uselessly trying to toy with each other to manage their impulses, knowing full well only “The Court”
  • “Addicted”
    I set my lips against Mistress’, feeling her long clawed fingers spreading through my hair and holding my head close. Even as Her touch singes and chars my soul I “Addicted”
  • “Sonata”
    Soft piano music resonates across the hall. It is late, and a lone cricket chirps outside. Calm. Still. I slump back a little while I sit to be against her. “Sonata”
  • “A Crystal”
    As if overnight, the princess had a giant crystal placed in the central plaza, just outside the royal palace. A grandiose homage which she promised she would come and unveil “A Crystal”
  • “Falling”
    I am a corrupted eternal servant of Mistress’, what once was a pure creation of the gods, an angel. I found my powers empty, worthless, my path unclear, left purposeless. “Falling”
  • “Parched”
    A cute thrall begging her vampire Mistress to make use of her that night; to use her neck and feed from her, not even waiting for her Mistress to ask. “Parched”
  • “Masque”
    You remember fighting, struggling a moment ago. Not so anymore. You felt something settling against your face, the cold sensation of a mask against your skin. Not so now either, “Masque”
  • “Passive”
    Active corruption is good but how about passive corruption? Being cuddled close by your captor demoness, not willing to risk her ire but also genuinely feeling comfortable against her. Knowing “Passive”
  • “Dainty”
    The prettiest, daintiest vampire Lady. She could crush a mortal skull in a snap, but she has proper manners, gentle silky skin, a petite frame. Her touch chills, but being “Dainty”
  • “Vessel”
    Another ritual. Another nothing. I raise my eyes from the book to the floor, the circles, the glyphs, the candles. Nothing. Just a draft of cold from outside, I must “Vessel”
  • “The Showing”
    Corrupted heroine who loves, *loves* being shown off. Her outfit a dark copy of her old uniform, a taunt in the face of what she used to protect. Especially in “The Showing”
  • “Serve”
    Her finger gently prods my lips open, presses down on my tongue, firmly keeping my mouth agape. Her grip forces me to face her, and my eyes are locked upon “Serve”
  • “Half-Corrupted”
    A closet full of half-corrupted, blackened souls that have not yet lost their spark. Well, closet. A pocket dimension where She keeps all Her favourite toys. Devouring the soul, making “Half-Corrupted”
  • “Fragile”
    Souls are a strange and fragile thing. If you’re not careful, even just an encounter with a demon will leave it changed. Stained. Twisted. Darkened. Corrupted. But it’s okay. Your “Fragile”

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